Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tips and Tricks for Searching Google

Today I watched to a really neat webinar that is free through RootsMagic.  You can find a whole series of webinars for free under their learn tab.  I listened to "Google Search Tips and Tricks with Lisa Louise Cooke" it was delightful.  I am starting to get on a family history kick so it is made for genealogists but the information could apply to any search. I am so excited to see if I can put into use the things I learned.  I thought I would share two tips I had not know before and maybe they will help you as much as they have helped me!

1)  The magic three dots ...
Ok! When looking for information about a particular time period it can be hard to narrow down your results.  Not anymore!  Put in the earliest date such as 1800 and then the three magic dots and the last date such as 1910.  1800...1910 and add your search terms.  This will give you results that have the dates your looking for and they are highlighted so it is easy to see!

2) The tilde as a synonym finder
I had no idea that this would work and I am so excited.  To use it simply place a tilde ~ in front of the word you are looking for.  It will also search using synonyms for the original search term. 
Example: ~loo   
Results include: toilet


  1. So Neat!! I love google. I use the quotes a lot to get an exact search.

  2. Cool, I think I will have to go listen to the Webinar!!