Thursday, November 29, 2012

Great Googaly Moogaly!

Oh my!  I did not realize that it has been almost 10 months since I have posted!  Good news I'm not dead :)  Just a bit busy.  But I am all ready to jump back on the blogging horse. 

To kick things off a short list of things I am excited about!

New favorite podcast: Good Job Brain
  This is a quirky podcast that comes out every week and focuses on trivia. 

New favorite blog: Perhaps I Should Have Been Supervised
   This is a random blog created by my cousins and me about our crafting, baking and just plain adventures.

New favorite authors: Julie Garwood, Jodi Thomas, Susan Elia MacNeal

  I seem to be on a romance novel kick right now.

Julie Garwood -- Most of her books are stand alone with characters that wonder through each others books.  Good for a quick read.

Jodi Thomas -- She is who I am currently reading.  Specifically the Whispering Mountain Series they are so cheesy but so good! You can read them like eating candy.

Susan Elia MacNeal -- She is a fun historical novel writer.  Her current series about Maggie Hope is set during WWII in England. 

New favorite YouTube video: 5 Styles for Wet Hair in Under 10 Minutes
Lets Make it Up! is a very good teacher with clear and concise directions.