Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Badly done, Emma...badly done

Ok so you may know from the title of my post that I have been watching the 2009 version of Emma.  That one quote has been stuck in my head for over a week now!  I absolutely loved the miniseries it is so funny!  This fun movie came all the way from Wisconsin with my cousins as they settled in for a long visit.

I thought I would catch you up on my crafting since it has been so long. 


I have finished a washcloth.  I knit it in I Love this Cotton that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  It was a white with flecks of color.  So much fun and so soft. New dishcloths are on my list to make for my own kitchen.

I have started another project.  It is the Robbin Hood Hat by Grace Akhrem.  So much fun so far.  I had an extra skein of Cascade 220 Tweed and this is the perfect project for it!  I had tried several different things but none of them worked out.  Sometimes you just have to listen to the yarn.

My afterthought heel sock.  Well I have not yet tried to put the heel back in but I think I will be brave enough quite soon!  I got some fantastic advice at the knitting group I attend so hopefully I will be done with this sock soon and can start the next one. 


While my wonderful cousins were here we went to an estate sale and found the most wonderful embroidery transfers!  My favorite are the fairy tale book ones.  I am going to attempt to work them as pages of a soft book for some special little ankle biters! 

What are you working on?


  1. Love that quote! It was about time someone made a really good version of Emma!

    I finished my soft pink cowl, just have to block it a bit. It turned out wonderful! I am doing a little embroidery but I think I will start the days of the week lady on dishtowels, so cute! And then I was thinking some pillowcases for a certain someone who is getting married soon ;)
    But besides that I think Mandy and I might have a sewing weekend this weekend! Yey!

  2. oh yes it was so fun coming to visit! And I am still working on my red hat that is still in Texas! and I am working on a pair of Nether garments from EZ.