Thursday, June 23, 2011

Count the Happies!

I have a stamp that hangs out on my desk where I can always see it that says "Count the Happies"!  I bought it at hobby lobby one day and although I have not used it yet it always brightens my day.  So today I am going to start a post that I will be repeating on a regular basis called Count the Happies!

1)  My new cook and serve dishes!  The perfect size for one person in wonderful colors!  I have looked high and low for pans like this and was so excited when I found them last night :)

2) My dog Kip.  He is always ready to hang out and cuddle with me when I feel not so great.  

3) Tickets to the antique road show.  I know I'm a nerd but I am also a very excited nerd!  I get to go in July to the Tulsa event.  I am ready to see how my chairs work out!

4) Having enough money to pay the bills.  I am thankful I am past the point in my life where I am barley breaking even pay check to pay check.  I know that I probably will be back there sometime but I am working towards making sure that does not happen!

5)  Allergy medicine!  I am so happy that I get to live when we have modern medicine!

6)  No mosquitoes!  I know the lack of rain is reeking havoc on the land but at least we don't have to put up with mosquitoes too!

7) My family!  I love that my family is not just my blood relatives (although they are pretty great) but also include close friends.  Even though we have not had a ton of "real" relatives I have never felt like I was missing out. 

Join me and Count your Happies below!


  1. Love those dishes! And how handy they come with lids!

    Count the Happies!!

    1. I was so excited to get our box from Texas! And even though we had packed it ourselves, we had forgotten what was in it. So it was a surprise!

    2. I am happy my sissy is back home. I missed her! I know she had a marvelous time, but I am glad I can hang out with her.

    3. I am glad our dumb "allergy" tree is dropping its twiggs!! It means allergy season is almost over! Yey!

    4. I am so thankfull I have a great job where I can chat with my cousin and sisters!

  2. K-dee I just read you post today. Heide kepy telling me about it, but I never got around to looking at it!

    So Happies today are:

    1)for Cousins! to go spend time with and hang out with and be encouraged and to encourage them too!

    2)My Mommy who is willing to go to the store and get me some food, when I'm not feeling good! And Kerri for hanging out with me in bed.

    3)And for some good books to keep me busy while I lay in bed and my computer so that I can listen to K-Love.

  3. I LOVE your stamp!! And anytime you want to mail me a piece of paper with "Count the Happies" on it, I will be glad to sing to you!!
    1) I am really, really enjoying my lovely new friends in Mary Kay. I am so glad they are christians too and moving in the same direction I am.
    2) I love that its summer and I can just sit and enjoy the thought that its summer.
    3) Ian made dinner last night... need I say more?