Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's Alive!!

Oh wow!  I thought it had just been a month since I had written but it has been two!  I don't know about you but when school starts things get a little crazy around here.  I have been busy crafting and baking away so I wanted to share a little highlight of what has been going on.  Hopefully I will do some more in depth posts about these projects later. 

On the Baking front! 

I have been baking quite a bit lately.  Most of my baked goods are scarfed up before pictures but I do have some goodies to show you. 

Anti-Aging Potion Cookies for my sisters birthday party!

Cinnamon Rolls
I have been craving Cinnamon Rolls so in order to work on that I have made them totally from scratch and with pizza dough from a can!  Yummy!

In the Crafting World!

In September I made a puppy set for a little one.  Blanket, pillow cases, stuffy (toy stuffed animal) and cross stitch. 

I learned how to do pin weaving.

Attempted an ironed crayon abstract piece.

And lastly have started to teach myself how to crochet!

So I will get instructions and more info about each project!  Check back soon!


  1. Pin Weaving?? That looks fun! I have never heard of it. I will be waiting for the instructions on that.

    Your cookies are so cute! Love 'em! You did a wonderful job decorating them.

    It is definatly cinnemon rolls season. They sounds scrumtious right now!

  2. oh how fun K-Dee !! I love all your projects! I am busy knitting, and I have started to quilt again too I am doing it on the machine though.