Thursday, October 27, 2011

WIP, Cookies and a new app


Hello! I wanted to drop by and tell you about my latest project. My new scarf! Well actually it is half of a new scarf!
I have started knitting the Saroyan by Liz Abinante. It is lovely. I am half way done which is awesome as I should have cast on Christmas presents instead of something for me :)


Well you know how I can't turn down a good cookie idea. I attempted to make candy corn sugar cookies for an October party. They turned put quite lovely.

They are super simple to make. Just make your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Split it into three parts. Add food coloring so you have a yellow third and an orange third.

Layer them in a pan. First making sure it is covered in Saran wrap. Let this chill all the way through. I mixed up my dough before work and left it all day.

Finally remove it from the dish and cut into strips. Cut the strips into triangles. And tada! candy corn. Putting sprinkles and sugar on them make them all sparkly.

New App

I am attempting to blog from a new app on my phone so we will see how that ends up.


  1. Love your scarf!! It is turning out nice.

    Those cookies are too cute! Not a big fan of candy corn, but cookies, Yes! Such a cool idea.

    Have you ever used the rock sugar(I think that is what it is called)? The really sparkly stuff? Do you know where to buy it?

  2. very cute K-Dee! I love the cookies!

    And the scarf is very pretty!