Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gearing up for Christmas

It is time to break out the boxes and get all the decorations out.  I love this time of year!  I went with low key decorating and left the rest of the house to other family members.  I had to put out my favorite snow man decorations.  These little cuties were created by my oh so talented cousins.  I love the one with the little baby snow man.  

I love these little guys too.  Although I do worry they are going to get to cold not being ready for the cold weather.  I think I might have to get them some hats so they will be all bundled up. 

Oddly enough we have been experiencing a cold snap.  Because he must always be within 2 feet of me Kip was feeling a little cold next to the door.  This is his red blanket.  He loves it! All his items are colored red it's his favorite color.

Do you have all your decorations up?  Are you going all out or just putting up your favorites this year?

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  1. We have the downstairs finished, just the upstairs to go. Mandy got a tree for upstairs this year! So exciting! We are going to do a theme, but not sure what yet.....