Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Friends don't let friends sew sleepy! :)

So I had a grand idea!! I plotted, planned and I prepared! I was going to make baby sheets for the plethora of under 1 year olds I know. So Black Friday I bought flannel to make some cozy and stylish sheets. And a few weeks ago I picked up the elastic. All my supplies were assembled.

Tonight I was going to make my first set. I pulled out my fabric and it measured 41 inches across instead of 45 inches! I guess I lost 4 inches in the wash? I am not sure what happened. So not to be daunted I decided to make do and switch to a small blanket.

I cut my fabric and laid it out to begin pinning it. You may be able to tell where this is headed.

I began sewing and after about 12 inches I realized that my pins were on the bottom side and hard to get out. But I kept sewing.

I finished sewing and trimming and it suddenly struck me! I had laid out my material and batting as if I was going to use binding. This was not the correct way to flip out the blanket.

Out came the seam ripper and apart came the blanket. I laid it out correctly, pinned it and began to sew. This time it took awhile because my helper wanted to help.

Finally it was done! I trimmed it, flipped it, tacked it, and cleaned up loose threads. Ta da!

Umm I think I just made a designer changing pad instead of a blanket :).

Moral of the story: friends don't let friends sew sleepy!

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